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Sutras & Stuff: A Philosophy Podcast

Sutras & Stuff is a podcast that gives you bite-size morsels of Indian philosophy, paired with contemporary topics. Its basic theme is that there are always connections from the present to the past, even across cultures and languages. You don’t need to know anything about Sanskrit or India to listen, just to be curious about how what’s new might be connected to what’s old. A mix of interviews and narratives, the podcast is hosted by Malcolm Keating. Learn more about him and the show here.

New 2023 season: episodes air the first Friday every month!

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Announcement – Season 4 Episode 3 Sutras & Stuff: A Philosophy Podcast

  1. Announcement – Season 4 Episode 3
  2. S4 E2: Avatar
  3. S4 E1: Karma
  4. S4 Teaser
  5. S3 E10: Tom Davies

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