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Episode 3: Reclining


If you’re going to recline your seat on an airplane, you should do it  gently. And if you’re going to kill your enemy with the shyena ritual,  you should build a brick altar. But should we do either of these things? Mimamsa and the logic of troubling commands.

Sources and Links

BBC clip from “Corona Virus: What is social distancing?”

Kei Kataoka (2011), Kumarila on Truth, Omniscience, and Killing.

Elisa Freschi, Andrew Ollett & Matteo Pascucci (2019), “Duty and Sacrifice: A Logical Analysis of the Mimamsa Theory of Vedic Injunctions, History and Philosophy of Logic.”

Our guest speaker today was Elisa Freschi, currently at the University of Vienna, joining the University of Toronto in fall 2020.

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