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Seasons and Topics

Season Four

Taylor Swift says karma is her boyfriend, and Boy George sings about karma chameleons. In addition to “karma,” there are lots of other Sanskrit terms which have made their way into English: yoga, dharma, mantra, guru, Buddha, swastika, and more. In this season, we’ll focus on one word an episode to get a deeper understanding of what they meant in their original contexts, and how these meanings resonate today.

Episodes of Season Four will air the first Friday of every month, beginning January 6, 2023. Subscribe anywhere you can download podcasts.

Season Three

Season Three focuses on what professors of philosophy have learned by teaching Indian Philosophy in a global context during the last near-decade: what ideas resonated with them, and were there any surprising shifts in their perspectives that resulted from their experience?

Season Two

Season Two focuses on the philosophical tradition known as “Nyaya,” and how they think we should handle controversies, debates, and coming to know more broadly, though narratives which include conversation with Stephen Phillips and Matthew Dasti, experts in Nyaya philosophy.





Season One

Season One explores a series of topics, from how tweets are like sutra texts to Netflix binging to pandemics and disease, though interviews with experts and narrative formats.

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Abhinavagupta aesthetics announcements argumentation authority Ayurveda Bryan Van Norden Bryce Huebner Buddhism Chandrakirti cognitive science commands David Hume debate deontic logic disease doubt drama Elisa Freschi emotion emotions epistemology equivocation fallacies film grounding inference interview Jayanta Bhatta Jay Garfield Madhyamaka medicine meditation metaphysics Nagarjuna Neil Mehta nyaya Patricia Sauthoff Questions of King Milinda reasoning Religion testimony trust truth Yale-NUS College

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